Entr'acte (Used)

Françoise HardySKU: ECPO-22



SLEEVE: VG+  MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 1975   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Obi, no insert

Originally released in 1974, Entr'Acte has a charming folk rock melody throughout with the french chanteuse taking a turn for the soulful as she asserts her sexuality lyrically.

The opening track, Ce Soir, comes at you with a bluesy 70's riff as Francoise contemplates her impending date with a man she "wants to please" but knows she will be "ill at ease." The chorus is strong and heartfelt with Francoise swerving around the notes with her sultry voice. Another great track from the album is "Je N'Aime Pas Ce Qu'il Dit" (I Don't Like What He Says), which is a semiautobiographical response to the infidelity of her then lover and future husband. It begins with a disarmingly simple folk driven melody but quickly develops into a richly orchestrated and interesting piece of work.

As with the opener, Francoise shines out vocally, grooving like a world-wise and understated Janis Joplin. As the singer explains herself, the album was like a cathartic journal entry that, once recorded, never needed any more of her attention. But thankfully, we get to have our own opinion on the matter. I'll be listening to this quiet, folk rock gem with a twist of soul for years to come.

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