Didn't It Rain (2LP)

Songs: OhiaSKU: SC299



**2014 release**

After the densely textured, almost suffocating feel of Ghost Tropic, Didn't It Rain is like a blast of arctic wind. Recorded live, the album has a much looser, informal feel than its predecessor. This jam-session quality is also fostered by the addition of Jim Krewson and Jennie Benford from the neo-bluegrass band Jim & Jennie & the Pinetops, lending mandolin and close harmonies to the sparse, minor-key acoustic strumming of Jason Molina. But don't come expecting some sort of hootenanny. Lyrically, Didn't It Rain still delves into some dark territory, though not nearly as bleak as Ghost Tropic. Easily the most satisfying Songs: Ohia album since Axxess & Ace and by all rights should firmly establish Jason Molina as one of the most distinctive singer/songwriters of his generation.

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