Death Grips - Bottomless Pit


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California-based avant-garde hip-hop group Death Grips were last on the radar in 2015 when they released Jenny Death, the anticipated second part of their fourth full-length effort, The Powers That B. Now the widely revered powerhouse of industrial hip-hop returns with its fifth LP, Bottomless Pit. The album is standard nihilistic Death Grips, with some extra clarity thrown in with the vitriol, courtesy of producers Zach Hill and Andy Morin. It's another full-on audio onslaught, abrasive and rancorous, comprising 13 tracks of electronic fury, all brought together with the most crystalline production in their catalog so far. Opener "Giving Bad People Good Ideas" consists of some of the most frantic, unwavering drum work heard on anything considered "heavy" for a while. Led by an irresistibly catchy vocal hook from Clementine Creevy, the track both intimidates and sets the table for the subsequent noise, leading listeners into the jagged and claustrophobic number "Hot Head," which takes "grotesque" to new heights. MC Ride spits caustic lyrics over incoherent drum patterns and stringent digital synths before the mix segues into a more coherent structure, his vocals becoming more melodic yet still anchored with the same ferocity exerted in the song's earlier half.

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