All Is One (2LP)

DaturaSKU: KMR 007/2



**Reissue including bonus live LP, limited to 250 copies on white vinyl**

Datura's first album, originally released on Cranium Music in 1998, features eight tracks with a strong groove and loud guitar well to the fore, particularly on 'Lost In Time' where it twists and turns like the very best Monster Magnet.

The pace is frantic but totally together with plenty of early '70s references. 'Journey Thru' Space' is a killer heavy psych workout which then seems to be eclipsed by 'Phazer' which brings a new dimension to modern stoner music.

It's very '70s and very much a modern version of the space rock sound with excellent vocals and lots of retro effects! It's hard to believe that this it from 1998 and not 1972!

Also look out for the hidden track after 'Mountain' and the BONUS track 'Happiness Grows' from 1993 which is also excellent!

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