Danças Líquidas

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In 'Danças Líquidas'  Bifannah change the proportions of their 'mix', betting on a recipe in which tropicalismo and Latin rhythms take over from the most classic and evocative influences of the psychedelic garage a-la-West-Coast of their first feature.

The album walks through the different states of mind that the group itself has gone through at a group and personal level, leaving us with more direct reflections, texts that delve into the freedom of decisions, changes and their consequences; but also lyrics open to love and debauchery. Influences of utopian surrealism or the use of automatic writing lyrically refer us to Caio Fernando Abreu, Bretón or Pessoa.

The album features the production and mixing of Frank Maston (Jacco Gardner, Paint…), with the experience of Javier Ortiz in the technical section and with the mastering of Jasper Geluk (Altin Gün, L'Eclair…).

A 100% analog recording made at Estudios Brazil and with Guille, Antía, Pablo and Antón working in an unprecedented way on their journey. Ingredients that make the songs have captured the moment of the group's form.

Dani Niño (The Limboos, Freedonia) on saxophone, Frank Santiuste on trumpet and Hidelvis Cabrera on congas and percussion participated in the dances.

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