Cosmic Pyschos - Cum The Raw Prawn


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Cum The Raw Prawn follows on from the release of the star-studded doco Blokes You Can Trust which sparked a bit of a Psychos revival upon its release in 2013.
The band’s first in six years, Cum The Raw Prawn was recorded on Ross Knight’s farm in January this year. “The recording process was probably the most relaxed we’ve done,” Knight told FL. “I would love to say the album comes from the heart but the album comes from the bottom of a can”. Dean Muller added, “It’s pretty much the same as all the other album, but its newer and it’s really good. There is no writing process , basically we get together and we drink beer and we make songs up”. You get some killer cuts with the likes of 'Come And Get Some', 'Pint Girl', 'Didn't Wanna Love Me', 'Ack-Ack' and more. The opener, 'Better, Not Bitter', is truly classic 'Psychos grunt-rock, with its belting chorus, "F**kin' bullsh*t, maaaaate". An amazing video for this track has just been completed (and features actors from The Slap and Underbelly) and it will blow minds.


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