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To describe Idles as punk can be somewhat misleading, if only because it conjures images of late-'70s fashion and politics. However, they certainly inhabit the spirit of punk -- including the spittle-inducing vitriol and the acerbic lyrics -- but with a newfound energy that isn't trying to re-create an old aesthetic; instead, it's the sound of an angry band reacting to an increasingly tense and imbalanced world. On their debut album, they deftly walk the tightrope between tragedy and comedy, making it just as likely to rile you up as it is to make you laugh. This is exemplified on their breakthrough track, "Well Done," which sounds off on the rich elite's attitude and lack of understanding toward the poor, all the while sneering lines about Mary Berry's supposed love of reggae, just one example of the absurdist satire scattered throughout the record. That isn't to say Brutalism relies solely on contrasting dynamics; it backs up every gut punch and snigger with solid songwriting, featuring choruses that soar -- often ramping up the energy to frenzied levels -- and Joe Talbot's infectious lyrics that do more than enough to warrant snarling along with him.

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