Shake The Shudder

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**Limited translucent vinyl**

When a band has been around for 20 years, it's only natural to assume they are going to start making albums that sound like uninspired knock-offs of their best work. It hasn't happened yet for !!!, and by the sound of Shake the Shudder, it doesn't seem like sucking is on the band's to-do list in the near future, either.

Crafted over a course of months of sweaty rehearsals and recording sessions, then blown up and recorded quickly over a three-day span, Shake the Shudder has all of the band's trademark fierceness, dancefloor-filling rhythms, and boundless energy. This time maybe it's more focused and direct, with beats that slam into the back of the skull like jackhammers, and a parade of guest vocalist who join Nic Offer to hit home their message of inclusiveness and hope in the face of uncertain times. Longtime producer Patrick Ford is on hand to help the band hone things to a fine point, as are a bunch of other guys, including dance music gurus Joakim and Phil Moffa, engineer Matt Wiggins, and the team of Matt Gerhard and Mark Bengston, who gave the album an extra polish. The result is an effort that's a little slicker and less punky than !!!'s usual sound. In return, it's also the most danceable and dire album they've done.

Kicking off with the powerful stuttering "The One 2," the album rarely lets up, jumping from one wall-shaking jam to the next. Offer sounds unhinged half the time, while the rest of the band attack their instruments with precise aggression and the synth sounds are suitably squelchy throughout. The many guest vocalists give things an extra boost, with Lea Lea taking a star turn on many tracks, and everyone's deeply powerful vocals balancing well with Offer's.

!!! have come a long way from their beginnings but also stayed remarkably the same. Shake the Shudder is the work of a band that know exactly what works for them, while still being willing to try new things. It's a winning combination of past, present, and future that bodes well for !!!'s future making plenty more great albums like it as they continue to be one of the last great dance-punk bands of the '90s left standing.

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