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With the follow up to their self-titled debut, Nicole Gaffney (vocals, guitar) and James Stutely (drums), have crafted a cohesive, heart-on-sleeve record. Nicole draws vocal inspiration from varied sources, with melodies and delivery that encompass the passion of emo and the powerful softness of RnB. Backed by her alternate-tuning full-strum guitar style, and James Stutely’s distinctive drumming, the result is altogether energetic and memorable. 

Across 10 tracks the band explores many common preoccupations, with humour but also heart, as song titles like Fake Meat/Real Friends suggest. They examine resilience, what home is when you’re constantly moving, what teenage dreams mean in your mid-twenties, competing work and life pressures, and the personal as political. Crushing album closer Mitimiti is a love letter of sorts to both New Zealand and friendship, and through the course of for ages these threads are drawn together.

Carb on Carb have a reputation for being tour dogs. Tonally, the album echoes the many intimate community spaces the band have played; basements, living rooms and DIY venues. In their relatively short lifespan they have already toured China, South East Asia, the US (twice) and made multiple runs across Australia and New Zealand.

"A bittersweet sub-three minutes of power-punk riffs mixed with pop sensibilities." - Little Indie Blogs

"It’s heart on your sleeve stuff, earnest and filled with sincerity, encouraging and supportive, with enough energy to maybe even make you wanna move a little bit." - Weirdo Wasteland



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