Black Gold

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Tom Caruana's Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers album, blending Wu-Tang vocal tracks and Beatles beats, created a buzz in 2010. Its success got him attention and acclaim. A year and a half later, he released Black Gold - aided by Wu-Tang Enterprises with exclusive vocal tracks. Caruana's production skillfully melds Hendrix riffs and drum fills beneath Wu-Tang lyrics. All performances are Jimi's, creating a unified atmosphere. Close listening reveals nuances and clever blending of music and vocals. Ghostface Killah's "Holla" combines Delfonics' "La La Means I Love You" and Hendrix's wah-wah. Method Man's wordplay flows through "Mannish Boy". Hendrix's psychedelia and Wu-Tang's street-level narratives combine surprisingly well, providing new appreciation for two legendary acts.

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