Behold A Dark Horse (2LP)

Roc MarcianoSKU: L-FB5190



Roc Marci packs heat on his holster and pen for the polar ice cold world he comfortably dwells in. If he wasn’t a rapper, Roc could very well maintain employment as a Quentin Tarantino creative consultant. Just like the legendary movie director once claimed that extreme violence is a necessary tool to control an audience, Roc Marci is a street noir authoritarian offering listeners the best seat in the house for his tales from the darkside.

Throughout the 12 tracks on Behold A Dark Horse, the gritty MC’s second album of 2018, Roc Marci continues his quest to remain New York underground rap’s most beloved assassin. He melds Mafioso grit inspired by calculated and short-fused fictional gangsters from Hollywood films with absurdist comedy and romance.

Most of the album’s tempo is downbeat with minimal layers of samples, but Roc stays in his pocket with production from himself, Animoss, Doncee, Preservation, Alchemist, and Q-Tip. The album is a continuation of soulful yet moody beats that echo denouement scenes from Chow-Yun Fat’s action films.

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