Beach Pigs (7")

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**Green vinyl**

There's something to be said for getting straight to the point and Beach Pigs could hardly be accused of self-indulgence. Or at least not when it comes to their music; five songs clocking in at just under nine minutes doesn't really leave much room for redundancy. Consequently there really isn't anything redundant in Beach Pigs eponymous effort.

Their best known songs are probably the opener 'No Work' and the third track 'Cigarettes', both of which seemed to hang around the bFM top ten for a while. For anyone unfamiliar with either of these numbers, they are rapid, energetic punk-infused catchy little pops songs. These are the sort of songs that are immediately likeable but the flip side of this is that 'these-sort-of-songs' are often the first ones you get sick of. Fortunately, there is a bit of depth to the song writing: the remaining three tracks come across as more introspective rather than the exuberant and energetic extrovertedness of the singles. Closer 'A Boy' exemplifies this, conjuring up a mid 90s depression ballad in full guitar noise splendor. Beach Pigs music is a little bi-polar. But then, the crazy ones are always the most interesting.

I might invent a genre and put these guys in it - lets call it polite punk. Not polite in stuffy way but polite in the sense that it's not spraying piss and vinegar all over the front row. There is a bite to this music, but it's more of a personal vendetta than frustration with the system. And there is a certain warmth to this music which endears it more than vitriol can. If you like music that is energetic and fun but has some depth behind it and doesn't out stay its welcome then I suggest you give this a listen.

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