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Revered as one of the loudest and most intense live bands of all-time, they haven’t lost any of their bite or their love of tone, dissonance, and melody. The first single “No Sense” darts, snaps and swirls with alternating snare cracks, atmospheric surges and dirty buzz, featuring Parker’s distinctive vocals.

Originally a member of The Gordons, Alister Parker formed Nelsh Bailter Space with former Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour in year 1987. Shortening the name to Bailterspace, they eventually incorporated his former band mates from The Gordons, including Brent MacLachlan who has remained integral to the band since 1989. They won praise as “the Sonic Youth of the Southern Hemisphere” with several Melody Maker singles of the week. Relocating to New York brought about greater harmonic exploration whilst their Flying Nun and Matador releases established them as a distortion-led tour de force.

After announcing a hiatus, the band never truly stopped working together, occasionally sneaking out to play an unusual show and building a stockpile of ideas, they way they always done. However, finding the urge to record too great, they dove back into the studio and produced a record of power and beauty that could only come from Bailterspace.

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