Acid Mothers Temple/Paul Kidney Experience (Split)



Japan's Acid Mothers Temple produce an unbelievable near 20 minute version of Black Sabbath's 'The Wizard' to take up one whole side of vinyl on this split LP release with Aussie psych-noise powerhouse, Paul Kidney Experience. This 'cover' ignites the Woodstock era Hendrix like guitar of Kawabata Makoto, fusing it with the far-out synth of Higashi Hiroshi and the thunderous bass of Tabata Mitsuru.

As if that were not enough, original AMT member, Cotton Crown brings her unique vocals to this amazing version of a classic - they even paying homage to the original harmonica presence! This is 19 minutes and 35 seconds of sheer brilliance.

Paul Kidney Experience soak their side of this wax in pure acid drenched, slow freak out uniqueness, showing that after 10 years they together, they are producing career high recordings

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