Maxïmo Park - A Certain Trigger


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While Maxïmo Park might be relative latecomers to the post-punk/new wave revival, their debut album, A Certain Trigger, stakes out their own distinctive territory within that sound. Sonically speaking, the Newcastle band's mix of wiry guitars, sharply punctuated rhythms, and atmospheric keyboards is nothing new, even when compared to their fellow revivalists. What makes Maxïmo Park, and A Certain Trigger, special is the way the band captures the joys and frustrations of being young and cooped up in a small town -- they're bittersweet, angry, thoughtful, and funny, often within the course of the same song. Singer/lyricist Paul Smith's witty, occasionally poignant observations, coupled with his strong (and endearing) Geordie accent, add to the band's earnest, angry-young-man appeal.
A Certain Trigger is a remarkably fresh-sounding debut album, with more than enough personality to transcend its retro leanings.

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