Gospel Sounds & More from the Church of Scientology



It’s with great excitement and much nostalgia, that today we have the pleasure of announcing a full length record’s worth of (circa. 2012) material from the real unsung heroes of the Geelong music scene; The Frowning Clouds. 

To summarise the background of Gospel Sounds & More from the Church of Scientology; a large chunk of it could be looked at as the Clouds’ second album that never came out. After releasing their first record in 2010, they worked up a new set of songs, all much more original and “their own sound” compared to their first album, but by the time they got into the studio to record with Tim Dunn, they had over 20 tracks.

So obviously a lot of them (predominantly the older tracks) didn’t make the sophomore classic, “Whereabouts” LP, and instead came out as a European tour cassette that quickly sold through it’s hundred copies and the songs sat idle on Bandcamp from then onwards.

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