Awake and Dreaming



Fierce and uncompromising vocal harmonies make up the debut LP Across eight tracks, the album is defined by Stina's bellowing organ and haunting synth lines and Cinta's expressive and relentless drumming. 'Awake and Dreaming' moves between and beyond synth punk, pop and post-punk. Tension is created as they collect the best from all worlds but never quite settle. Together they have thoughtfully used the realm of post-production to create dark and other worldy atmospheres through the creative use of synthesizers and effects. Lyrically it is embedded in themes of nature, feminism and personal growth. The album channels influences of Pylon, Bauhaus, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, through its eloquent experimental synth pop tunes. The album was recorded by Morgan McWaters in 2014 with additional recordings made by Stina & Cinta throughout the year. The songs were mixed and produced by Stina & Cinta in 2015 and later mastered by Mikey Young.

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