Expensive Hugs




**Purple & clear vinyl**

A product of Melbourne, Australia’s rich indie and punk-rock scene, Jarrow is the self-taught, self- produced, multi-instrumentalist wunderkind you’ve been wishing for. Drawing inspiration equally from 21st century meme culture and classic indie pop-rock, Expensive Hugs was named in response to the short-lived (and in hindsight, pretty weird) ‘Free Hugs’ viral phenomenon of the mid 2000’s. The record is a rapid-fire dash through Jarrow’s world of hooks, soundscapes and riff-jams. Jarrow (Dan Oke to his friends) describes his sound as "garage rock meets indie pop meets post punk meets free jazz” and while he was being tongue in cheek at the time, he's not that far off. Expensive Hugs reveals the immense pleasure that Oke takes from experimentation in the studio. Piano rumbas follow tightly constructed pop-vignettes and extended guitar freak-outs. It’s all there in 29 minutes of joy, written and performed with a knowing grin.

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