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The kids from The Cactus Channel are finally Legal! One year after their debut vinyl release turned funk and breaks lovers worldwide on their heads, Australia’s baddest High School band have come of age. Recorded under maximum pressure in the final months of their secondary education, the new release is cooking with all kinds of gas. The musicianship and writing on this record is superior, the production ruffer and tuffer, and with a full-length LP only a few months away, Emanuel Ciccolini/Budokan is just a taste of the badness to come.


Emanuel Ciccolini – Named for guitarist Lewis Coleman’s Italian Grandfather, you can imagine the original Emanuel was a very bad man. This is some sinister, high-octane car chase funk. Think of the getaway scene in a heist movie set in Napoli circa 1974 and you get the idea. Ciao!


Budokan – Let’s not beat around the bush, this is makeout music. This B side is as smooth as the A-side is tuff. If teenage pimping on a waterbed was a song, it would be this song. The lowdown tempo and fat drums take it where it needs to go. Who knew teenagers could do it this slow?

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